“Give Us This Day Our Spiritual Blessing”
 ~ The Universe is Ours ~

“The Lesson”


     In demonstrating the truth of supply we do not have to experience any peculiar emotion or psychic experience. We do not have to feel any thrills or anything of that sort. While it is true that some of these things may come, yet we should remember that what we are doing is dealing with law, and that as law it will obey us, when we comply with its nature and contact it in the right way. What we are doing, is stating something into Mind, and if the impression is clear in our own minds that it is and that it is done we have put all the activity we can put into it, until such a time as something happens in the external for us to work upon.

So many people say, “I do wish that I could feel something, when I give a treatment.” All this is a mistake and is an attempt to give a physical reason for life. What we do need to feel is that, since God is all and is good, He wants us to have only the good and, feeling this, we should take what is already made for us. Our attitude towards such a good Father should constantly be one of thanksgiving.

     When we begin to prove the power of the truth we will always maintain this attitude. Know that you are dealing with a sure thing and that all you have to do is to know positively into it, and wait for the results to come in the outer. Then do what your own good sense tells you to do, for this is the thought of God through you.

More and more you will find that you are being led out of difficulty into the freedom which is the Divine birthright of every living soul. Go ahead now and look at only the things desired and never at the things not wanted. Victory will always be on the side that the majority of your thoughts; rest on it in absolute acceptance.


     Some people visualize everything that they think of and many think that it is impossible to make a demonstration unless they possess the power to visualize. This is not the case. While a certain amount of vision is necessary, on the other hand it must be remembered that we are dealing with a power that is like the soil of the ground, which will produce the plant when we plant seed. It does not matter if we have never before seen a plant like the one that is to be made for us. Our thought is the seed and mind is the soil. We are always planting and harvesting. All that we need to do is to plant only that which we want to harvest.

     This is not difficult to understand. We cannot think poverty and at the same time demonstrate plenty. If a person wants to visualize let him do so, and if he sees himself in full possession of his desire and knows that he is receiving it, then he will make his demonstration. If, on the other hand, he does not visualize, then let him simply state what he wants, and absolutely believe that he has it, and then the results will always be the same.

     Remember that you are always dealing with law and that this is the only way that anything could come into existence. Don’t argue over it. That means that you have not as yet become convinced of the truth or you would not argue. Be convinced and rest in peace, assured of the outcome. As you have it in mental understanding it is the way it shall be in the world. Be it done on earth as it is in heaven.

From “Creative Mind and Success”
By Dr. Ernest Holmes

“The Blessing”


     Since seeing is visual perception. Seeing within is our mental properties of visualization. Our visions occur in Mind, as thought-forms before us. We are seeing what is clarified in our mental understandings of what we are observing. By clearing ourselves of uncertainties, we tend to clarify or re-visualize what we are thinking. It then becomes clarified in our Mind. – In these actions we are not changing thoughts as much as we are clearing out the thoughts that we do not want, and making a clearer understanding of what we do want.- For example: This is the difference between just reading something, and studying the same thing to retain information.

     Our Mind, in its actions, changes what we out-picture as our new thoughts as we experience new expressions of Life, as they are made clearer in us. These things shall include new changes, which are now our newest understandings, and even re-clarifying in our judgments. “With all thy getting, get thee first understanding.” Jesus.

     When we see clearly, we understand what is clarified and what is not. We understand that confusion is built into our own state of ignorance. When we are not ignoring our higher Truth, we are set free of confusion and correct our misunderstandings. Our new understandings become integrated within our inner knowledge as we become attuned into a new expansion of consciousness.

     Everything comes from within us; the greater our knowledge, the greater our power. We become opened to our own directives and opened to new understandings, and visualize realizations that we never knew existed. We think in pictures and we feel in songs. Our seeing and hearing then become harmonious to add values to our experiences.

       Clear understanding is a total and complete change; it has no separation and cannot be known to be separated from Infinite Truth, for all is Divine Intelligence, and is the actions of God’s Infinite Mind. Since this Mind is our Mind now, and always has been, it is these actions which clarify all things. We have dominion over all things, and only when we are within correct understandings can we have dominion; without control or domination.

     Since seeing is visual understanding, this explains why one picture is worth a thousand words. When we acknowledge our perceptions we often say, “I see,” meaning, “I understand.” However, at certain times, we may not know what to do next, by being unclear or perhaps confused. By being unclear or even seeking greater truth certain answers are presently unknown to us. We are labeling this as confusion, and on that basis we express thoughts that range from different forms. This affects our behavior, may cause disagreements and misunderstandings; which come from an unclear Mind.

       When we are in a disagreement of any kind, we have only seen one side of the coin. In order to have agreements we must have a completed view of all sides, so that all things can be views with a complete and totally clear understanding. United is being in harmony without exception, all becomes possible through our clearest understandings.

     “Clarity is not the exception to the rule; Clarity is the rule that ends all exceptions.” Since there is only one Mind, then dualistic thinking can only neutralize the possibility of absolute results. It is dualistic thoughts in you and me that like to attract the company of arguments. Therefore, we are one in our Wholeness; even when we are given to confusion. Confusion is a place of distortion breeding in our consciousness. We are then using our Wholeness in the production of situations that are based on being separated in our thinking.

       This is a practical statement of truth and clear understanding. “Man cannot serve two masters at the same time. A Mind cannot serve ideas in opposition merely because the laws of physics state that one motion or direction cannot interfere with another motion, lest there be static and conflict expected, which accompany unharmonious results.”

      We create undesirable results of compromises and incompletions based on our excuses and negative justifications. None of this serves our good and it is not truthful. Even though we display this un-truth; we do become aware of it almost immediately, because we believed this belief into our reality that we are experiencing. What we see is seen by many others also.

      Since you can see me, then I see you. Since I can see you too, you are already seeing me. When we see each other, in our recognition, we understand our unity as beings, and in our individualizations we remain objective. We know that we are seeing each other as an understanding. Our accepted thoughts; agreed upon or not, are all in One Mind. If we can realize this, we can return to becoming equals as individualizations in this Mind, because there is no conflict when we can agree on our own common ground.

      What is common to one may not be common to another. We may both be standing on the earth, and have the right to have different ideas, plant different seeds, and have different crops; all from the same soil. This does not require conflicts, and can be absent of confusion as well.

From: “We Are The Way”
By Bob Delgado

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