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“Give Us This Day Our Spiritual Blessing”

~ The Universe is Ours ~

“The Lesson”


What if at times we attract something that we do not want? What about all the things that we have already attracted into our lives? Must we still suffer until the last farthing be paid? Are we bound by Karma? Yes, in a certain degree we are bound by what we have done; it is impossible to set law in motion and not have it produce. What we sow we must also reap, of that there is no doubt; but here is something to think about; the Bible also says that if a man repents his “sins are blotted out, and remembered no more forever.” Here we have two statements which at first seem not to agree. The first says that we must suffer from what we have done, and the second that under certain conditions we will not have to suffer. What are those conditions? A changed attitude toward the Law. It means that we must stop thinking and acting in the wrong way.

When we do this we are taken out of the old order and established in the new. Someone will say: If that is true what about the law of cause and effect? Is that broken? No, it is this way: The law is not broken, it would still work out if we continued to use it in the wrong way; but when we reverse the cause, that is, think and act in a different way, then we have changed the flow of the Law.

It is still the same Law but we have changed its flow, so that, instead of limiting us and punishing us, it frees and blesses. It is still the law but we have changed our attitude toward it. We might throw a ball at the window, and if nothing stopped it, it would break the glass. Here is law in motion. But if someone catches the ball before it reaches the window, the glass will not be broken. Neither the glass nor the law will be broken. The flow of law will be changed, that is all. So can we, no matter what has happened in the past, so transcend the old experience, that it will no longer have any effect upon us. So if we have attracted something that is not best to keep, we will remember that we do not have to keep it. It was the best that we knew at the time, and so was good as far as it went, but now we know more and can do better.

As law works without variation, so does the law of attraction work the same way. All that we have to do is to drop the undesired thing from our thought, forgive ourselves and start anew. We must never even think of it again. Let go of it once and for all. Our various experiences will teach us more and more to try to mold all of our thoughts and desires, so that they will be in line with the fundamental purpose of the Great Mind, the expression of that which is perfect. To fear to make conscious use of the Law would be to paralyze all efforts of progress.

More and more will we come to see that a great cosmic plan is being worked out, and that all we have to do is to lend ourselves to it, in order that we may attain unto a real degree of life. As we do subject our thought to the greater purposes we are correspondingly blest, because we are working more in line with the Father, who from the beginning knew the end. We should never lose sight of the fact that we are each given the individual right to use the law, and that we cannot escape from using it.

Let us, then, go forward with the belief that a greater power is working through us; that all law is a law of good; that we have planted our seed of thought in the Mind of the Absolute; and that we can go our way rejoicing in the Divine privilege of working with the Infinite.

From “Creative Mind and Success”
By Dr. Ernest Holmes

“The Blessing”

“Change is always a Possibility”

       An idea about the word Impossible: it says I’M-POSSIBLE, because I AM! With God all things are possible. No-thing is: I’m-possible; nothing is impossible. The answer is in what we understand; by seeing it clearly as the understanding which we interpret as our vision; and only when we see it correctly. Correcting a problem is accepting a known answer for it. This answer is contained in knowing that new possibilities are not in question.

       In this book the reader finds the possibilities of acquiring the use of Spiritual Power with focus and direction. It takes only one person to do this, and each one of us is involved in this action; it is called thinking. We have done these activities through unconscious actions. It is time that we all wake up to the potential of our abilities by knowing and becoming even greater than we ever have been, or hoped of being, and start doing this by being consciously aware of our actions in Mind. Our imagination precedes us as new vistas open up in us as individualized possibilities. “And Ye shall do as I have done, and even greater things shall ye do,” said Jesus.

       Our newness is greatness, it all changes because of our thoughts. This book was written for greater clarity by one practitioner. There are hundreds of thousands of us, called by different names, and from different religions, which are conscious of allowing realizations to come forth, as those actions become recognized as actions of our own choosing.

       Faith is still faith, in recognition we know these things as well as we know the thoughts behind them. Therefore our Faith, ideas, thoughts and results are all related to the same subjective actions and objective activities. We have become Self-consciously aware of the desires which we have accepted, and now we are demonstrating the manifest Consciousness that has come forth.

       “Our Kingdom come, our will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  What we envision in Mind shall be done in our world of experiences. We get what we release into the actions of the Law of Mind, so we shall receive what we expect through our thinking alone.

       All possibilities are awaiting our decisions as a means to complete fulfillment. Everything is already finished and is presently before us. We need merely to realize it in Mind, and it expresses as our awareness of it. We join with our desires as they form from the Reality within us. We meekly reward ourselves with gifts of our own quiet choosing. “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

       Those that know the Truth in Mind receive that Truth as the out picturing of formed and finished experiences; which form in the world as our Truth in expression. We are ingrained within this Truth. We all come from the One Life that we are living now.

       We are the relatives of the Absolute. When we go ahead, it greets us; as we stop, it catches up to us; we become still as we are centered in that which is us and is totally surrounds us. We go into the stillness of Mind knowing Our Mind is included in this Oneness which is God’s Mind. We are the Presence of Spiritual Life in our Divine human expressions.

       As Practitioners of Spiritual Truth we know the Truth of our being, and we are set free of the limiting situations of lesser thoughts. The expansion of our consciousness is increasing the value of our new experiences. This is our Science of Mind; living proof of changed results with no other efforts than accepting our desires of change as new actions appearing in our lives now. 

And so it is ~ Amen ~

By Robert Delgado

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