“Give Us This Day Our Spiritual Blessing”
~ The Universe is Ours ~

“The Lesson”


One of the most necessary things to remember is that we cannot demonstrate life beyond our mental ability to embody. We give birth to an idea only from within ourselves. What we are, we put into our thinking. What we are not, we cannot put into it.

If we are to draw from Life what we want, we must first think it forth into Life. It always produces what we think. In order to have success, we must first conceive it in our own thought. This is not because we are creators, but because the flow of Life into manifestation, through us, must take the form we give to it, and if we want a thing we must have within ourselves the mental equivalent before we get it.

This is what Jesus meant when he said that we must believe when we pray. This belief is providing within us that something which knows before it sees what it asks for.

For instance, suppose a man is praying for activity (our idea of prayer is the accepting of a thing before we get it) in his affairs. First, before this activity can come, he must have it within himself; he must come to see activity in everything; there must be something that corresponds to the thing that he wants; he must have a mental equivalent.

We find that we attract to ourselves as much of anything as we embody within.

As water will reach only its own level, so our outward conditions will re-produce only our inner realizations.

A man will always draw to him just what he is. But we can learn to provide within the image of what we desire and so in a definite way use the law to get just what we need. If at first we do not have a great realization of activity we will have to work on what we do have, and as our outer conditions come up to meet the inner cause, we will find that it will be much easier to enlarge the inner receptivity for something greater and more worthwhile. Of one thing we may be assured–we must all start somewhere, and that somewhere is within ourselves. In this within we must make the affirmation, and there, too, we must do the real work of realization.

At the first the way may seem hard, for we are constantly confronted with that which seems to be, and we are not always sure of ourselves nor strong enough to overcome, but we may rest content in the assurance that we are growing. Every day we will be providing a bigger concept of life, and with the inner growth we will have an enlarged power to speak forth into the Creative Mind, with the result that we shall get a fresh impulse and be doing a bigger thing for ourselves. Growth and realization are always from within and never from without.

The old race suggestion of fear and poverty and limitation must be done away with and daily we must clear our thought from all that limits the One from showing forth in our life. Remember that you are dealing with One power, and not with two. This will make it easier, for you do not have to overcome any condition, because conditions flow from within out, and not from without in.

A man going to a new town will at once begin to attract to him just what he brings in his thought. He should be very careful what he thinks. He should know just what he wants and daily give it over to the Supreme Mind, knowing that It will work for him. Old thoughts must be destroyed, and new must take their places. Every time the old thought comes look it squarely in the face and declare that it has no part in your mind. It has no power over you. You state the law and rely on it to the exclusion of all else. Daily try to see more and to understand more, feel every day that you are being especially looked after. There is no special creation for any individual, but we all specialize the law every time we think into it. For all our thought is taken up and something is always done with it.

A good practice is to sit and realize that you are a center of Divine attraction, that all things are coming to you, that the power within is going out and drawing back all that you will ever need. Don’t argue about it, just do it, and when you have finished leave it all to the Law, knowing that it will be done. Declare that all life, all love and power are now in your life. Declare that you are now in the midst of plenty. Stick to it even though you may not as yet see the result. It will work and those who believe the most always get the most. Think of the Law as your friend. always looking out for your interest. Trust completely in it and it will bring your good to you.

From “Creative Mind and Success”

By Dr. Ernest Holmes

“The Blessing”

“How Does Your Garden Grow?”

People plant carrots and when they sprout up it shows the green parts of the stems. It doesn’t look like a carrot. So we must not judge our changes by appearances. I say this affirmation that I learned about this: “I Let Go and I Let the Carrots Grow.”

As “I let go and Let the Carrots Grow,” planting the seeds of growth, and we must allow the sprouts to become plants we intended. And sometime, at first appearance, it doesn’t look right to us.

Jesus spoke to farmers, and simple minded folks. He said to leave the TARS – weeds, amongst your newly planted garden, until the new shoots, or roots, take hold, and then take the weeds out. If we pull on the all that appear as green, then we may uproot the carrots as well.

He meant plant your good thoughts and be accepting of what you want and place them in God’s Mind, our Mind. And don’t worry about the negatives, until you garden is stronger, then take them out. When our positive beliefs become stronger, then we can take out the negative thoughts later on. (This is the “Be still and Know” part). So then, we are not putting too much attention on the negatives, and seeing that the positives are growing with our expectations. We turn fears into faith and balance ourselves in Love.

This is what I came to in the past few days: I know that neighboring thoughts are in my consciousness. I am planting a new garden, filled with new conscious thoughts. By knowing I am in the Kingdom, puts the Kingdom in my Life. I am not concerned with the negatives for now. I am paying attention to what seeds that I have been planting.

My new actions are not concerned by those negative thoughts of those that neighbor me. Therefore, I am not concerned with these negatives for now. I notice them and let them pass without putting a charge on them. I am dwelling on my inner Presence and allow God to move through me and guide my actions.

“He leadeth me beside still waters.” I am now, in quiet and confident knowing of my positive actions that are taking root. “Go forth and tell no man,” Jesus said. “Go into the stillness and know I am there within you.” Now I am “Letting Go and Letting the Carrots Grow!”

And so it is ~ Amen ~
By Bob Delgado

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