“Give Us This Day Our Spiritual Blessing”

 ~ The Universe is Ours ~

“The Lesson” ​


When we realize that life is not fundamentally physical, but mental and spiritual, it will not be hard for us to see that by a certain mental and spiritual process we can demonstrate what we want.

We are not dealing with conditions but with causes. Causes originate only from the unseen side of life. This is not strange as the same might be said of electricity, or even of life itself. We do not see life, we only see what it does. This we call a condition. Of itself it is simply an effect. We are living in the outer world of effects and in the inner world of causes. These causes we set in motion by our thought, and, through the power inherent within the cause, expresses the thought as a condition. It follows that the cause must be equal to the effect and that the effect always evaluates with the cause held in mind. Everything comes from One Substance, and our thought qualifies that Substance and determines what is to take place in our life.

The whole teaching of the Bhagavad Gita is that there is but One and that it becomes to us just what we first believe into it. In other words we manifest the unmanifested. This in no way takes away from the omnipotence of God, but adds to it, for He has created something that is able to do this. God still rules in the Universe, but we are given the power to rule in our lives.

We must realize, then, absolutely that we are dealing with a Substance that we have a right to deal with, and by learning its laws we will be able to subject them to our use, just as Edison does with electricity. Law is but we must use it.

The substance that we deal with, in itself, is never limited, but we often are, because we draw only what we believe.

Because we are limited is no reason why the Universe should have limitation. Our limitation is only our unbelief; life can give us a big thing or a little thing. When it gives us a little thing, it is not limited, any more than life is limited when it makes a grain of sand, because it could just as well have made a planet. But in the great scheme of things all kinds of forms, small and large, are necessary, which, combined, make a complete whole. The power and substance behind everything remain Infinite.

Now this life can become to us only through us, and that becoming is the passing of Spirit into expression in our lives through the form of the thought that we give to it. In itself life is never limited; an ant has just as much life as an elephant though smaller in size. The question is not one of size but one of consciousness.

We are not limited by actual boundaries, but by false ideas about life and by a failure to recognize that we are dealing with the Infinite.

Limitation is an experience of the race, but it is not the fault of God, it is the fault of man’s perception. And to prove that this is so, let any man break the bonds of this false sense of life and he at once begins to express less and less limitation. It is a matter of the growth of the inner idea.

People often say when they are told this, “Do you think that I decided to be poor and miserable; do you take me for a fool?” No, you are not a fool, but it is quite possible that you have been fooled, and most of us have been. I know of no one who has escaped being fooled about life; you may not have had thoughts of poverty but at the same time you may have had thoughts that have produced it. Just watch the process of your thinking and see how many times a day you think something that you would not want to happen.

This will satisfy you that you need to be watchful, that your thought needs to be controlled.

What we need to do is to reverse the process of our thinking and see to it that we think only positive, constructive thoughts. A calm determination to think just what we want to think regardless of conditions will do much to put us on the highway to a greater realization of life.

Of course we will fall, of course the road is not easy, but we will be growing. Daily we will be giving to the Creative Mind a newer and a greater concept to be worked out into the life around us. Daily we will be overcoming some negative tendency. We must stick to it until we gain the mastery of all our thought and in that day we will rise never to fall again.

We must be good-natured with ourselves, never becoming discouraged or giving up until we overcome. Feel that you are always backed by an Omnipotent power and a kind Father of Love and the way will become easier.

From “Creative Mind and Success”


By Dr. Ernest Holmes


“The Blessing”



      There is One Consciousness: God. God is all, and all that I am is God. God expresses through me, as me, and surrounds me in the Truth of my Infinite Expression. My Truth has no opposite, as there is only One Cause and One Power, so there is nothing to deny me or oppose my Good. I accept and know the Perfection of my Consciousness.

       Love is within all of my experiences as Healing is Perfect Health. My Life of Love is Happiness as my Joyous expressions. I accept all these ways of healthy prosperous living within my Life now. I allow myself to re-member the Good that I am, by seeing my-Self in all Wholeness. The Wholeness of my Spiritual values integrates within my consciousness of Wholeness now. My Divine expectations of God are fulfilled as I accept every aspect of my higher Truth in Consciousness. All knowledge, which is internal, is eternal, as all of God is knowledge and Infinite actions. I accept the eternal knowledge of God, which is in my Presence of Truth now.

       My Life is fulfilled with Loving and Joyous experiences that I accept thankfully into my world.  I do not blame the mirror for the reflections I place in it. I thankfully dismiss those who do not bring fulfilling results to me, as such, their actions are not of my desires. In most cases these reflections are never to be seen or heard from again. I now attract only the messengers that reflect my higher thoughts and rewarding actions.  

       I am grateful that the Law activates my word as my experience. I celebrate the Law’s activities in the receptivity of all of my demonstrations. These changes are made as I take notice. I merely continue choosing newer thoughts to establish my uplifting actions, which are guiding me into greater Self-Realizations of my higher Truth. The Divinity of Spirit is directing me in Total Consciousness now. 

And so it is ~ Amen ~

By, Bob Delgado

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

From: Lessons in Spiritual Mind Healing

By Dr. Ernest Holmes


       “We think in the realm of the Absolute in such degree as we withdraw our thought from thinking in terms of the relative. All ideas are formed in the present, since there is neither past nor future to Reality. Thus we must picture our desires as already created.”


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