“Give Us This Day Our Spiritual Blessing”

“The Lesson”


Suppose that we wish to draw from the Universal Mind some definite idea, some guidance, some information, some leading. How are we going to do this? First we must become convinced that we can do it.

Where do all the inventions come from? Where does Edison get his information about electricity? Where, if not direct from the Mind of the Universe? Everything that has ever come into the race comes direct from Mind. There is nothing else it could come from.

Every invention is but a discovery of something that already is, although we may not have seen it. Where does the harmony of music come from? Where could it originate except in Mind? Does not a great musician listen and hear something that we do not hear? His ear is attuned to Harmony and he catches it straight from Life itself and interprets it to the world. We are surrounded by the music of the spheres but few of us ever catch the sound.

We are so filled with trouble that the Divine Melody is never heard. If we could see, if we could hear, if we could understand, if we only realized the presence of the All, what could we not do?

When a great thought springs up in the mind of an individual, when a great poem is written, when a great work of art is wrought by some receptive artist, it is simply a sign that the veil is thin between; he has caught a glimpse of reality.

But for most of us Inspiration is not to be depended on, and we must take the slower but none the less sure method of receiving straight from the Infinite. The method is a simple one and very effective. When you want to know a certain thing, or how to begin a certain line of action.

First, you must be quiet within yourself. You must not be confused by any outward appearance. Never become disturbed by effects. They didn’t make themselves and have no intelligence to contradict you.

Be quiet until you realize the presence of absolute Intelligence all around you, of the Mind that knows. Now get a perfect picture of just what you desire.

You cannot get a picture unless you know what it is you want. Put your mind in touch with Universal Mind, saying just what you are waiting for. Ask for it, believe that you are receiving it, and wait.

After a few minutes declare that you now know, even though you may not seem to know, yet in the depths of consciousness you have received the impression.

Give thanks that you now receive. Do this every day until you get some direction. It is sometimes a good thing to do this just before going to sleep.

Never, after you have done this, deny the knowledge that has been given you. The time will come when some idea will begin to take form. Wait for it and, when it does appear, act upon it with all the conviction of one who is perfectly sure of himself.

You have gotten understanding straight from the source of all understanding, knowledge from the source of knowledge. All can do this if they will be persistent. It is a sure direction and guidance and will never fail us. But we must be sure that we are not denying in other moments what we affirm in the moments of Faith. In this way we will make fewer mistakes and in time our lives will be controlled by supreme wisdom and understanding.

From “Creative Mind and Success”
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By Dr. Ernest Holmes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“The Blessing”


       In the Beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. I know that the thoughts I have are God’s. My Word realizes this as being is mine in One Mind.

       Everything I desire to know, to receive greater improvements is happening right now within the source of my being. I envision my greater personal Truth. My vision is of new beliefs that are my insights of things unseen.

       I am in the flow of the world’s reaction to me, as the unseen now becomes seen. The Law of my subjective delivers blessings unto me that go far beyond my beliefs. I am the one that is experiencing my beliefs and desires. It is happening right now. I am blessed in the Wholeness of my new consciousness. My dreams and desires have awakened within me. My Word produces results after its own kind.

       Belief is just the beginning, as the greatest expressions of Spirit are all along my journey of accepted choices. Every idea of mine has a Mind of its own. I release these ideas now knowing they are already conscious of their own Presence. I take no further thought of these things; for they are already completed in Mind, and are already demonstrating perfectly in and as my Life. 

       As my ideas in Mind are increased, my experience of them is also increased. I am enjoying my new increases. I am abundantly rewarded as I am receiving what is equal to my new consciousness. I thankfully release these completed ideas as actions in my world. I know my world is changed, because I am the new change within it.          

~ Conclusion ~

       It is interesting to me to include an idea of beauty beyond beauty; which is ALL INCLUSIVE to evolve into self-consciousness life. This means what I think of colors my knowledge and my experiences of the Reality I am in now. The relationship between My-Self and what I am involved in has already happened; what I see is a reflection of my own thought vibration.

       It means that my thought is cause to my Reality, and my experience is an effect. I can change any effects into new forms of Life. Through my thoughts my beliefs feel like it is finished because it was already finished within me.  It is finished as soon as I realize the beginning of a change. It is not only the fact that we all create what we accept in thought; it is what we all must realize as what has always been. The thoughts we are involved in, are what we evolve into. Through thinking new thoughts, and by having newly accepted feelings, we all experience a preview of what is about to become new in our lives.

       To have choice is to become physic. We choose what we do all the time. This is our experience of changing our thoughts, feelings of acceptance, and our acceptance of feelings as we are involved in an experience. It is already true, so our choice is easily accepted. It is done already, because we believe it has already happened. By creating a new belief, a new cause has come into being. “It is done unto us, as we believe.” Our beliefs are the beginning of all things. Our beliefs come from the soil or Our Soul it is where we implant our ideas. This is our power to create and accept what can be a Truth in Mind that is made into being a true experience, which comes from within our own desires.

       Whatever we can imagine, can be accepted as the possibility, and in doing so, all of our possibilities become our opportunities to greater realities. Quite simply put, we are as we think we are, and no-thing can change the thoughts we accept, except us. The Truth in believing gives us cause to our new Self-Conscious Life. It is a now thing; which is referred to as: being in the present moment, as a being of Presence of that moment.

      It is our being aware of our-Self, while being present as the Presence of Life. I am as God is now. God is as I am now in the Presence, as the Presence of Life Now. There is Only One Life, and That Life Is Mine now.                                                                                                                                                                         

And so it is ~ Amen ~
By Bob Delgado

A  Quote by, Ralph Waldo Emerson – About the cause of new beginnings.
From: The Holmes Papers – Volume I,

By Dr. George Bendal, Compiling Editor 


       Emerson said, “Ineffable is its beauty, transcendent, but that which was involuted, that which was planted, the seed, the genesis of all creation had to contain that which pushed, compelled, impelled arbitrarily, automatically, the instrumentality evoluting to the point of self-conscious life.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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