The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas


The Nag Hammadi Library

~ “The Gospel of Thomas” ~

(These Gospels are said to be the closest to the actual words of Jesus)

• The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient books (called “codices”) containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. This immensely important discovery includes a large number of primary Gnostic scriptures – texts once thought to have been entirely destroyed during the early Christian struggle to define “orthodoxy” – scriptures such as the ‘Gospel of Thomas,’ the ‘Gospel of Philip,’ and the ‘Gospel of Truth.’

~ ~ ~ ~
~ “The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in the mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and you shall find me. Turn over a stone and I am there.” ~ Jesus

~ These are the hidden sayings that Jesus spoke. Whoever discovers the meaning of these sayings shall not taste death. ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ In 1945, a scroll was discovered in Nag Hamadi, which was described as

– This scroll has been claimed by the scholars around the world to be the closest record we have of the words of the historical Jesus.-

– The Vatican refuses to recognize this GOSPEL, and has described it as Heresy.-
~ ~ ~ ~
From: “The Nag Hammadi Library”

• Verses 6 & 14

From the: Gospel of Thomas

VERSE (6) His disciples questioned him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we observe?” 
Jesus said, “Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered.”

VERSE (14) Jesus said to them, “If you fast, you will give rise to sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do harm to your spirits. When you go into any land and walk about in the districts, if they receive you, eat what they will set before you, and heal the sick among them. For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth – it is that which will defile you.”

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