Do we play the game of trial and error?  Do we try to reinvent the wheel? Or do we roll into the next experience because we desire to do so? Are we trying to do it, or are we doing it?

       Change is a perpetual view of our Mind. Our experiences explain Our Life, our experiences are the teachers. Have you ever heard, “Did you learn your lesson? There is One Life; that is Our Life now. It is not always about learning lessons; it is definitely about learning and applying what we have learned. What are our choices? What are we thinking at this instant? What would we like to have or become? Our imaginations are free to use anytime we choose to think into a new direction, and believe newly possible answers that describe our desired changes.

       Our first questions might be: How do I do this, and how do I get what I want? It is not our job to know “how’s” of the mystery, or even how the Universe works. What is our job? It is working our thoughts into identifying with a new state of consciousness within ourselves. Knowing we have set forth our ideas, as new beliefs, which we know to be true inside of us, as these ideas are revealed into our experiences before us. For example: If you have a problem, if does not matter what it is, you need to think in  terms of supporting the thoughts for an answer, even if you do not know what the answer may be. You do not defend yourself, in our thinking, in ways that cause you to put a wall up against the problem. This will only give more energy to the problem. Actions go where our energy flows. Therefore think in terms of a finishing idea. “I celebrate positive results now.” This is a perfect belief to instill unto Divine Mind.  The One and only Mind of the Universe is God’s Mind, which is Our Mind now.

       The world does not know what we are thinking, believing and/or accepting until we decide what to do and/or accept for ourselves. The world sees the manifestations of our results. If our result is being stuck in the problem, then we shall block our results that will finish it for us. We do not finish it, our consciousness just happens to know that it is already finished. We do not create the changes we desire; we accept them and then our desires blossom.

       The seeds of our ideas turn into the plants we shall harvest. When we plant a seed, we do not make it grow. We set forth conditions where it may grow and germinate, thus taking root as change and activities into something finished. It is all in the seed and the soil. All we do is plant it, water it with blessing and affirmations that keep us thinking into a finished direction. It is already done before we have asked, the answer already exists. We do not invent changes; we choose them and accept them. That is the answer to any problem.

       We demonstrate what the world calls changes. The world is our playground, and we schedule our events at our own choosing. Anything we desire now, that is accepted in Mind as already finished, and it is expressing through us as our consciousness of it in our Life. Anything we desire now, or plan for the future, unfolds as we step ahead progressively in the Light of our prospective journeys. We light the paths we walk on as we have achieved a consciousness that focuses on constant improvements.

       There are people in this human life that we have not yet met. There are things and places we have not experienced. There are desires we have not thought of yet. All possibilities are unfolding as we think and breathe. We speak our thoughts as we think of our words, which describe our beliefs. Our inner-Truth is how it is now and in the future. It will happen as long as we hold it away from any delayed beliefs. Like someday when, or in the spring we will, or after the first of the year we can…

       When we fill our present experiences with empty promises of the future, by justify negative beliefs, with impractical reasoning, so we get impractical results. If we desire to be loved, we would need to give love first, because we already have our desire. Should we desire greater health, just remember it already exists within us; therefore we are healthy now, despite any and all appearances to the contrary. We decide what we give to Life, and that is what Life shall return to us. We give it in Mind and it comes back in form, and in most cases the returns are greater than what we have given. We go forth and multiply. We plant a seed, and we get an orchard. Have you ever heard of only one weed in a garden?

       I have heard all of the delays several times. “Oh well, they were old and that is why they died.” They may have been old, but they died because they stopped breathing. Some people also believed that they were going to die. Even if they were still breathing, then they would still believe they are still living. Some people are not practical enough to cover the basics. So, they think they are dying, and they get their deaths handed to them. They are in a perfectly healthy body, with a sick consciousness filled with depressed ideas that subject the body into unhappiness. They may desire perfect health, but they subjectify experiences that are less than health, because they do not believe they, themselves, are healthy. These types of people keep our medical professionals in business. Try and remember this, there is everything right about health and happiness. Joy in the body comes by way of our Spiritual Presence within us; it is not found at the hospital, the pharmacy, or doctor’s office.

       What we shall find in new experiences as matters and in forms of expressions that we believe are real. We attract them to us. Everyone else may be having different experiences, at the same time, at the same occasion.  Our state of mind is a belief of what we are thinking. What we do about it is our reactions that support our beliefs. If we believe that nothing is happening, it is because we have not put forth anything new, thus we have not received anything new into our consciousness. Change is a thought away from a new experience in Life.

Next Saturday:



The Blessing
Ask yourself these Questions:
“Am I Experimenting, or Am I Achieving?

“Part II – The World Does Not Care What We Think”

       The world does not care what we think. Since we can desire anything, we are free to think of anything we like, and have it. We are ready to receive it. The nice thing is: we do not have to know how it shall come to pass. We shall know it has already come forth in our Mind, and our desires have been accepted, the choices we believe are already true. We get to choose what we accept. We shall have it seen in the world.

       The world does not owe us a thing, but the Universe accepts our thoughts and multiplies our achievements. We direct the Universe, and therefore, the Universe directs the world. We are the directors of our beliefs, from our words and our thoughts, which are backing us up and causing our beliefs.

       Life is change, and the more things change, the more they stay the same. We will always have desires; that never leaves us. However the desires are not always the same. The desire for expansion is the expression of our thoughts increasing in consciousness; this is constant, as we think within the Mind of the Infinite. Our thoughts are Infinite thoughts. The last shall be first, and the first shall be the same as the last. The answers have to come back us because we have fulfilled desires; by completely accepting them as finished experiences in the beginning. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” Genesis

       Jesus said, “We live in a finished Kingdom.” He also said, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” We do into go into a room in our Mind and find it empty, unless that is our new place we opened up to receive.

      We can always make room to receive. The master said, “I go within and make a place for you.” Clearing out an old belief and replacing it with something new is making room to receive. We can also modify our thought, which changes our persona. Empty your closets once in a while.

       For example: ‘Since the world doesn’t care what we what we think,’ I have thoughts to modify what I receive, as increase it now! “Since I already pay certain amounts for certain things, I now am receiving bigger amounts; abundantly greater and more than I need, which gives me more than I have ever had or ever needed, and larger amounts to keep and to share.” This is a modified thought of increase that fills empty places.

       We receive answers before we release desires into action, because it is the nature of our desires to be revealed within us first. We direct the Power of God within us, as God performs Its Life through us.  By way of Its Presence It is the Life that is in us. However, we do not ask for things of this world, we accept the consciousness that already has these things.

       Although, by not choosing our changes; the world will choose our changes for us. Do tend to believe that our desires have any power in the effects of the world? Yes “All” is the nature of God; therefore “All” is of God’s Power, which is expressing as God’s Presence is everywhere now.

       Do we believe our desires are what we are to become, with or without the approval of the world? If we believe in what we desire, as a possibility, then the opportunities shall be presented before us. This is when we make our recognition of having our realizations of what has come to bare itself as our Truth. It comes in the forms that expresses as our desires, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that are accepted as being already true, done and finished. We have declared this as being true; because it is our belief, and so it is our Truth. “Beloved now, we are blessed and prospered as it is being done unto us as we believe.”

       It may be a question of Mind over matter, but I say it is an answer of Mind becoming known as the matter of our original desires. Thoughts are things of change. We must first change our thoughts before we change ourselves, or we shall change nothing else. When we change ourselves then everything else changes in relationship to us. “Behold, I make all things new.”

       We must keep our egos in check and stay focused. “Keep your eye on the prize.”  This is another way of saying, “Keep thine eye single.” Key your Mind in God. That is to say, the ego is the persona, or the mask, or the shroud that dresses the Spirit. The Body is the Temple of Spirit; therefore the ego is the outer shell. Our egos can be world driven, or spiritually driven. We choose our ways of being, either we are in the limitations of the world, or the unlimited sensations of abundance. “Choose you this day the blessing or the curse.”  “Intelligent actions receive, while old reactions deceive.”

       Order is the first law of the Universe. We must first change ourselves since we want things to change. We must first plant seeds before the crops will grow. We must accept ideas as beliefs to cause desired effects. The plant is in the seed before it is seen as its resulting forms of expressions. Our Mind changes first then our world changes. This order gives us the choices of the types of changes that we choose to receive. As primary cause, we are the choosers of our choices, which are allowing us to become receivers of the secondary effects. Our choices take form and expression.

       Spirit is first and ego is second. Spirit is cause and the ego is the effect. Spirit is in the ego and expresses through it. The ego is the outer place from which we experience the Life around us. Spirit is within us as our inner place of cause in, and as, our Life.

       If Spirit leaves the body, then the ego is a corpse. Spirit is our master and the ego is our servant. The Mind, which indwells us, tells the body what to do. If we are ‘out of tune’ with our inner Spirit, then our body is affected in such ways. A dis-eased thought shall manifest itself in the body. An accepted belief in illness is an accepted result in sickness.

       As our egos serve our Spirit, our ego becomes enriched in the ways of our inner-Self. God is Love. The Kingdom of God is our inner Presence of Love as Divine Spirit. The Kingdom of God is within us, just as this same Spirit is in all things, including all of Life that is in our surroundings.

       Some of us, to whatever degree, become enlightened and are merely talking about Spirit, as if we know something about it, but we have not experienced as being it completely. If I told you all about chocolate, and you never tasted it, it would just be information and not an experience. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us now, as our Life expresses. Enlightenment is the Self-realization of Spirit as our inner cause. “I allow myself to surrender to the Power and Presence within me now as I give up the egotistical ways of the world.”

       “When you have made the two – one you shall have discovered the Kingdom of Heaven.” When the Spirit speaks through us, the ego is glorified within the Presence of our Divine Love, and now we have become one within our Spirit. This is making the two into one. We are no longer separated in judgments; we no longer eat from the forbidden fruit from the tree of Good and Evil.

       We all have Spirit as our inner-Truth of our inner-Self realization. Some of us do not realize it, while others do realize it. Some of us talk about it, and think about it, while others have become our own Self-Spiritual Realizations. Therefore, Spirit is the enlightenment that thinks through our beings and provides new ways of expressing. This is the Mind of God, which is our Mind, and there is only One Mind. “Beloved now, we are One.”

       We stop plotting and planning as we start accepting that our Higher Spiritual Mind, which knows “All” for us, as well as we know that It is within us. “Our Father in Heaven knows we have need of such things,” even before we do. “Before they ask, I shall answer.” This Mind fulfills our needs, desires and even more. “The Master said, “Take no thought of what ye shall eat or drink.” The Abundance of God is our everlasting Spirit, which is now as It always has been and as It shall ever be True.



The Blessing




Now ask yourself these questions again. “Am I experimenting, or am I achieving?” “Ask believing, and ye shall receive,” said Jesus. We all experience inner knowing from the time we develop awareness; this is felt as our inner presence of intuition. We can redirect our thoughts of knowing into our lives by choosing them to express them in our lives from the things that we feel intuitively about. We do not need to wait for them to come to us through our intuition; we summon them through our desires in meditation.

It is good to know enough to figure out things clearly, honestly, and truthfully as our intuition guides us in Self-identification and into true perceptions of ourselves. Jesus said, “Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” – From the Gospel of St. Thomas.

We need to identify within ourselves as beings of Oneness. Within us is our own Spiritual Presence as we adjust our thoughts to optimize our Mental Powers. We clearly understand the perceptions of what we are directing, as our desired results become active through our achievements. Otherwise it is just a bunch of words and thoughts added to our suppositions of confusion. Clarity is not an option, it is a requirement.

Good results affect us, which we have caused by becoming a visionary being. We do not have to wait for ideas to come to us, as we change, we choose the ideas that we want to change into through manifesting our desires. We experience those changes that we have envisioned. As we relate to these new actions, our improvements are within us as these things are added to our own Self-identity. We must establish Self-recognition; this way we know who we are, what we are accepting, and what we are receiving. Then there is nothing to forgive; for we know exactly what is being done through our Mind.

It cost us nothing to make a choice, but it will cost us everything if we do not. Our lives are contained in our ideals of desires, our inner thoughts and beliefs. This ‘Knowing’ causes us to think in terms of completing our desire for ourselves and for others; by not competing with others. We have dominion, however not domination. We are creating new beliefs that transform our situations into whatever we desire. Not ‘knowing’ this allows the world to think for us.

Being well in our thinking is causing us to stay well in all the other parts of our lives also. These actions all start and complete themselves within Our Mind. What we know is seen in our ways of being, which speaks out so loudly that what we are saying is being felt, known and heard. In the speaking of our word, we must flow into the direction which demonstrates what we are seeking. We are self directing ourselves into the proper directions.

We are more than the declarations of our words and thoughts. We are the cause back of our words, as the effects of what we have done become conceived in our thoughts that we believe, and we receive our action as they are transformed into deeds. In doing these actions, we have achieved our desires and more. Accepting something leads us into receiving something else, for we shall do even great things all the time.

In other words, when get involved with new beliefs; it always evolves us by objectifying our thoughts within us to the degrees of what we ‘know.’ If we do not ‘know’ something it makes it difficult to realize it or recognize it, either in advance or during a change, because we do not yet believe it. New beliefs create greater ‘knowing.’

All Life is energy vibrating at different speeds. Energy follows our thoughts. Therefore we direct the actions in our Life through our mental activities. Spirit provides the answers for us as our new beliefs become our new ‘knowing.’ It is our active Spiritual Presence, and our knowledge that is directing our inner-Spiritual Powers of choice.

“Choose ye whom you will serve this day, the blessing or the curse.” “For this is the day the Lord hath made and I am thankful as I rejoice in it.” Since “it is done unto us, as we believe” and because we receive only what we give to who we are now, in return for our for-giving specific choices then: “Seeking it is finding what you already have!” (Quote by Eileen Doyle-Mccabe)

And so it is ~ Amen ~

By, Bob Delgado
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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