“Change is a New Choice of Action”


“Change is a New Choice of Action”

God is never separate, even though we may become separated within our illusions of what the world speaks of, and even through the masked messages of religions. We have choices when we decide make them. These actions are transforming us by renewing our minds. 
What we give away for free comes back to us as Freedom to receive newly. This may sound simple, but doing something different creates the actions of new changes, of which we have not yet done.

A fresh alternative is the way to break old habits and old reactions. The habit may keep coming back and we can just notice it, and give it no power over us; it is no longer automatically running us, and we are not in denial either.

Our main focus is to have an intention to do better, and have a better life, and we can meditate on our new decision and feel what that feels like to have a new change.

What you choose to change into may be blocked by old habits, which makes us feel like we are condemning ourselves into not having. The key is selection and allowance, because we cannot make it happen. But in realizing our old habits and becoming Self-Consciously aware of our old habits, this is not dismissing them. But by setting our burdens down; basically this is a form of letting go and realizing our own goodness as a possibility. It is opening our arms to embrace a new direction.

I have often thought that my next change is a thought away. All that is needed is to have a new thought, and to create a belief of possibility that supports it. It is who we already are that shall manifest as our changes, not the old habits that we have restricted ourselves with. Since we can let go of our old patterns and beliefs, we can make room for the new. First we must decide what we want to focus on as our new changes.

It is this Self-realization of who we already are, without limits, and by beginning to make choices of one new idea at a time over an older idea. Should we understand what our limits are, then we can go to the opposite answer, even if we do not know the exact answer yet.  We decide and we declare what our new ideas are, then we “let” another action, or new change become realized.

What happens is this: we have changed who we are, therefore we are new, and in so doing, what we attract is as new as we have become. Somehow in our “Letting Go” of the old, this is giving us nothing to hold too (of the past), which frees us to receive newly in the now.

These actions would allow us to embrace something new, as a remarkable change that comes from within us, and comes to us as this new kindness that we have never before received until now. This changes our personality as well. This is a major change that does not only modify our past, but does completely remove its dominance from our consciousness.

We need to start with specific questions like: what are the seeds that are going to be sown to get us to a new level? How to do we leave the undesired past actions behind us permanently? Not just by making a new choice, but to take actions that support our new selections. These are decisions that we have chosen to accept and have. So now we can practice how we have changed, by being new and having new choices, which we enact that do not make us suffer in old ways. When we allow something new to form from within us, it brings harmony to our new actions of desired changes.


This is not like the clean drops of clean water going into a dirty glass, as drop after drop of clean water cleans the glass, the glass gets cleaned slowly. I believe that this new method of realization is in knowing what needs to be changed in advance. We know that the glass is dirty and cleaning it out as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Then we can refill it with something nutritious and life giving. “I now empty my cup” of the old and receive these new blessings.

We are changing what kind of words that we are using, and now we describe what we are receiving from our one source within us, as newly accepted ways of being. Hard or easy, we must change first. Einstein said we cannot fix a problem with the same state of mind that caused it, and doing the same things repeatedly, while expecting a change is insanity.

“A desire without a planned direction is just being lost in a new fantasy. Make a plan that fits your desires, and then they will no longer be fantasies.”

By Bob Delgado 

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