Every thought I have, or have ever had, was already true in the Mind God. Every thought that has ever been thought is still being thought. The only thing new is the next moment; which is now, what I choose to do in it, and how I choose to be in this moment. I can call forth any possibility into any situations as a change of expression. I can choose any answer for any subject without having any previous knowledge of the subject. Whatever is revealed to me from the Mind of God comes through my consciousness. We all have the same Mind.   
       All changes are revealed at the moment of our affirmed word.  The Law works automatically, as all that is in Mind express as Oneness within the totality of all mankind. Every answer for every possible desire, for change is at this breath, which is now!
      Every answer to every question already exists. All healing is already done; I call it forth into being. This is for anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and all of the time. This is for anyone desiring a healing action for a change in health for positive results. Anything unlike health no longer exists. All positive results are completed and fully expressing as total health in Mind, as Spirit, and are embodied now. A perfect expression of total health is expressing in everyone as personal perfection.
       God is the only consciousness in expression. It expresses as Love. Love contains the Perfect Pattern of Health. All health is in Loving harmony. All healing is a revealing of God-like experiences. Loving is the way. All change is integrated and transformed into greater health.
       God is perfect health in everyone. I accept all these changes and better. I direct this into Law; into the expression of this breath, which is now; and in my next breath that is now. I am in the now moment of health’s perfection. I breathe in Life-Loving experiences. I release my breath into the Law as health, and all health expresses in greater ways than ever before.
       I accept all actions done in Love through Law for me, and for anyone anywhere. It is done now within this breath.
       The actions of my beliefs are well known, received and accepted as Divinely Perfect Health. I accept this consciousness for all. In gratitude I know there is only One Consciousness in which we all live, move, and have our Being. We are within Its Kingdom now as we are expressing Divine Health Perfect.                
And so it is ~ Amen ~      
By, Dr. Ernest Holmes
       The reason we have a subjective mind is that Subjectivity exists in the Universe prior to our use of It; and where we use It, It forms around us a subjective personification of ourselves, which is a result of the action and the reaction of our thought.         

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