“I Express As the Infinite” Spiritual Mind Treatment



                 Affirmative Prayer Published for Creative Thought Magazine

       “Since God is Infinite, our expansion is progressive and eternal. No matter how much good we experience today, the Infinite has more in store for us tomorrow. We should joyfully look forward to this expansion with enthusiastic anticipation.”  

                                                     Dr. Ernest Holmes, Spiritual Awareness

“I Express As the Infinite”

      The Infinite, All-knowing Divinity is God-consciousness. I acknowledge the Presence and Power of Infinite Mind. God, the Good, the Beloved expression of all creation, created me out of Itself.

       I am guided by Spiritual Truth from within me now. I am receiving beyond my desires as greater than I can imagine. Everything that is good in my life is an expression of my God-consciousness.

      Imagination is the key to unlimited creation. My intention for all I demonstrate is the harmonious manifestation of what I imagine.  I am Divine health, living in an abundant consciousness of being what I know. I am an expression of infinite possibility; I know more now than before.  

      I accept and allow this Truth as being complete from my desire through my experience. I accept all these gifts of mine now. My new state of God-consciousness unfolds in beautiful ways, for “I express as the Infinite.”                                            

      I am thankful for the wonders of my own Truth. I release my word into the actions of the Law, as Spirit has become the expression of my consciousness, and I am having this experience now. And so it is

~ Amen ~


“Success is but a mental whisper that echoes its effects spiritually into our physical world of results.”         

Robert Delgado, R.Sc. P.                     

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