We are truly grateful for being in Oneness within the One Life of God, as my Life is the Infinite Life within all finite beings, expressing now. I accept perfect manifestation as every Good desire is made real this instant. God is Love as Life in and through the abundant Presence of God, in which we are living right now.

       In thanksgiving we accept the perfect right actions that we give to the Divine Spirit, which indwells us. It dissolves all resistance, all resentments, all rejections, all negative actions, as Spirit now brings forth our desired results in loving and peaceful ways.

       Abundant Goodness now fulfills us as we are freely brought into our happiness. We witness these actions in the inflowing of abundance and prosperity into all areas of our lives. We are sincerely grateful for all of these perfect loving actions. We are thankfully accepting our gifts in full measure with bold embraces. 

         I now affirm: “I am now accepting what I desire and I am receiving these desires in their highest forms, and in best ways that suit all of my needs, wants, and aspirations.” The fulfillments of Divine Spirit are in the inner Life of God expressing through each of us. Spirit is being fulfilled through us all and so it is fulfilling us too. God, which is within us, is surrounding us now, as the Almighty Living Spirit is our inner lives.

       Spirit is the avenue of our pathways for God to express through us. Our desires are the perfect ways for us to provide the avenue to be expressed on as the path of our own personal journeys. We contain this Presence, and within this containment; we are set free to express it greater ways in all of our experiences.

       New results of which we seek, we shall find contain the Truth in our experiences. Accepting every Good desire that we each embrace, as our own, it is within our knowing and keeping pure faith that our desires are already flowing into our lives now. These actions are being revealed to us perfectly in certain ways so we can understand them; as they do become known to us, they are our own personal results.

       God is Blessing us within our every thought, each emotion, and with every breath we take in; “I am closer to you than your breath, a nearer to you than your hands and feet.” We receive what we perceive, and expand our consciousness as a part of this perfect action within our Divine Perfection. 

       In our Perfect of Self-expressions; just as in our daily lives, we are mapping out our thinking; this is what gives each of us new direction in our individualities of our God Presence within us. Thinking correctly is our self guidance system. This is our Spiritual Truth; which is now, always had been and ever shall be. Our Life now becomes a Spiritual fruition. We take our action forth and multiply our Goodness. We thankfully accept our Goodness now, knowing that it is so, and so it is.

~ Amen ~ 

By, Bob Delgado

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