“Give Us This Day Our Spiritual Blessing”  


One of the besetting errors of people is a belief that they are too old to do things. This comes from a lack of understanding what life really is. Life is consciousness and not years. The man or woman who is seventy years old should be better able to demonstrate than the man who is only twenty. He should have evolved a higher thought, and it is thought and not conditions that we are dealing with.

Amelia Barr was fifty-three before she wrote a book. After that she wrote over eighty, all of which had a large circulation. Mary Baker Eddy was sixty before she began her work, and she attended to all of her great activities until she passed from this plane to a higher one. The author of this book once took a man who was over sixty-one who thought his chance for success had gone, and through teaching him these principles in a year’s time made him a prosperous business man. He is now doing well and was never before in his life so happy.

The last time he was interviewed he said that business was increasing every day and that he had not begun yet. Every day he stands in his store and claims more activity. He speaks the word and realizes increase all the time. If this were not true then life would not be worth the living. What is a few years in eternity? We must get over these false notions about age and competition. In the truth the word competition is never mentioned. The people who think about it have never known the truth.

Life is what we make it from within and never from without. We are just as old as we think we are, no matter what the number of years may have been that we have lived on this planet.

From “Creative Mind and Success”


By Dr. Ernest Holmes

~ ~ ~

The Blessing




Now ask yourself these questions again. “Am I experimenting, or am I achieving?” “Ask believing, and ye shall receive,” said Jesus. We all experience inner knowing from the time we develop awareness; this is felt as our inner presence of intuition. We can redirect our thoughts of knowing into our lives by choosing them to express them in our lives from the things that we feel intuitively about. We do not need to wait for them to come to us through our intuition; we summon them through our desires in meditation.

It is good to know enough to figure out things clearly, honestly, and truthfully as our intuition guides us in Self-identification and into true perceptions of ourselves. Jesus said, “Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” – From the Gospel of St. Thomas.

We need to identify within ourselves as beings of Oneness. Within us is our own Spiritual Presence as we adjust our thoughts to optimize our Mental Powers. We clearly understand the perceptions of what we are directing, as our desired results become active through our achievements. Otherwise it is just a bunch of words and thoughts added to our suppositions of confusion. Clarity is not an option, it is a requirement.

Good results affect us, which we have caused by becoming a visionary being. We do not have to wait for ideas to come to us, as we change, we choose the ideas that we want to change into through manifesting our desires. We experience those changes that we have envisioned. As we relate to these new actions, our improvements are within us as these things are added to our own Self-identity. We must establish Self-recognition; this way we know who we are, what we are accepting, and what we are receiving. Then there is nothing to forgive; for we know exactly what is being done through our Mind.

It cost us nothing to make a choice, but it will cost us everything if we do not. Our lives are contained in our ideals of desires, our inner thoughts and beliefs. This ‘Knowing’ causes us to think in terms of completing our desire for ourselves and for others; by not competing with others. We have dominion, however not domination. We are creating new beliefs that transform our situations into whatever we desire. Not ‘knowing’ this allows the world to think for us.

Being well in our thinking is causing us to stay well in all the other parts of our lives also. These actions all start and complete themselves within Our Mind. What we know is seen in our ways of being, which speaks out so loudly that what we are saying is being felt, known and heard. In the speaking of our word, we must flow into the direction which demonstrates what we are seeking. We are self directing ourselves into the proper directions.

We are more than the declarations of our words and thoughts. We are the cause back of our words, as the effects of what we have done become conceived in our thoughts that we believe, and we receive our action as they are transformed into deeds. In doing these actions, we have achieved our desires and more. Accepting something leads us into receiving something else, for we shall do even great things all the time.

In other words, when get involved with new beliefs; it always evolves us by objectifying our thoughts within us to the degrees of what we ‘know.’ If we do not ‘know’ something it makes it difficult to realize it or recognize it, either in advance or during a change, because we do not yet believe it. New beliefs create greater ‘knowing.’

All Life is energy vibrating at different speeds. Energy follows our thoughts. Therefore we direct the actions in our Life through our mental activities. Spirit provides the answers for us as our new beliefs become our new ‘knowing.’ It is our active Spiritual Presence, and our knowledge that is directing our inner-Spiritual Powers of choice.

“Choose ye whom you will serve this day, the blessing or the curse.” “For this is the day the Lord hath made and I am thankful as I rejoice in it.” Since “it is done unto us, as we believe” and because we receive only what we give to who we are now, in return for our for-giving specific choices then: “Seeking it is finding what you already have!” (Quote by Eileen Doyle-Mccabe)

And so it is ~ Amen ~

By, Bob Delgado

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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